Monday, February 7, 2011


Have you heard about Groupon ? I have heard of it but just jumped on board today. Think of it as a group deal for a bunch of people.  Daily (most deals look like they run about a week) a new deal will be available. The cool part is you look at deals in your area. They may be in your town or nearby city.  I was very excited to see my local fresh cheese shop for todays deal $20 of Sweet Grass Dairy for $10!! Woo-Hoo! Also available is another 50% deal for Strings and Beans-a popular music/coffee shop in nearby Moultrie. Live in Tallahassee? How bout $5 for $10 worth of Cold Stone Creamery? Check it out. No yearly fees or anything like that-just great deals every day. Are you in? I am!!! Click on the word Groupon  or the link below to check out deals in your area.

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Nej said...

A friend of mine and I are complete Groupon addicts. We have been for about a year or so. We're constantly calling each other about deals we see. Any time we know we're going out of town, we sign up for the Groupon where we're going. We used sooo many in New Orleans in October. :-)