Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I really am excited about the latest Groupon ! It is for wonderful coffee shop, Grassroots, in downtown Thomasville.  They roast their coffee beans in the shop and make wonderful drinks using our local dairy's milk products! For $10~you get $20 worth of whatever you want in the store! I LOVE that you can take your Groupon to Grassroots and swap it for a $20 gift cared to use on multiple visits! YAY!!
If you have never tried Groupon-check it out-just click and start saving BIG! It is all legit and free.

Wanna save some Money Honey?

  • Stacking…this is when you use a store coupon and a manufacture coupon on the same item. Publix will take 2 coupons on one item.
Example: Juicy juice-cost is $2 on sale-use a manufacture coupon for $50 off and a Target coupon $1 off-OOP (out of pocket) cost will be 50c.

·        Internet coupons-If you hit the back arrow or backspace-you can usually print 2 of the same coupon. Most sites allow a maximum of 2.

·        HARVEY’S is the place to save on meat! You can often buy ground beef for $1.59/lb! They also have GREAT wed specials and often good deals on produce.

·        all*you magazine. This magazine is wonderful y’all! It is full of great coupons, bargaining tips and recipes. It is available only at Walmart or even cheaper~get a monthly subscription!
·        Rain Checks-here is the deal-LOTS of people are trying to save money-when a really good deal is out there-the item you want may be sold out.
Go to customer service on the way out and ask for a rain check that you can use when that item is restocked-hold on to any coupons that go w/ the deal! Watch you coupon expiration date!

Most people make a list of the groceries they need and head to the store. What you have just done is make a list of everything that is not on sale. All groceries have a "rock bottom low price", Most areas they follow a cycle roughly 6 weeks long. That means if we see a rock bottom price this week then buy enough of that item to last 6 weeks.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MOOLALA is a great way to save lots of money!! It is very much like Groupon. you save 50- 90% off services, restaurants, concerts....and so much more! Moolala was conceived as a way to combine the hottest space on the web (Daily Deals) with the most powerful marketing force ever (word of mouth). Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional marketing and advertising, MOOLALA designed a system that rewards  users really well when they do the marketing!! Moolala offers an incredible deal from a local or online merchant every day. Each deal will save you 50-90% off retail. When you subscribe, these offers are delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. (If you prefer, you can subscribe to deals via Facebook or Twitter, and you can always see the latest deal at Moolala.com.)
If you receive an offer you like, you can purchase it easily online. The next day they send you a link to print your voucher. You then use the voucher to redeem your deal. It’s that simple!Go to~http://amywebb.moolala.com/deals/valdosta to get started!! Change location to see more deals.
Best of all, these deals are brought to you totally FREE. There’s absolutely no cost to subscribe.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tale of 6 Cereals

                                                A Tale of 6 Cereals
Once upon a time there was an unaware Mama who had three growing boys who she could not fill up. She tried to feed them oatmeal. They did not eat it. Next she pushed apples and bananas; they ate but were still “hongry”. Mama then bought cereal~ lots of cereal. They liked that, but the unaware Mama spent $27 bucks on 6 boxes in only a few weeks. At $4.50 a pop-the cost of just cereal was nuts!
The broke Mama took herself to a couponing class and learned to buy cereal the smart way!!  Only one trip to buy 6 boxes saved her a WHOPPING TWENTY-ONE DOLLARS!

The cereal was on sale Buy One Get One (we are down to $2.25) and she used a Target (store) coupon for $1 off each box, (down to $1.25) and a 75cent off 3 boxes Manufacture coupon. (down to $1.00)-per box!!!
That is $6 for 6 boxes. The now AWARE and happy Mama spent the whopping $21 she saved on a new pair of shoes. Woo-Hoo!! J