Saturday, November 22, 2008

Being a parent is fun. I keep saying that to myself. Not that it isn't because it is, it just is much tougher than I thought it would be. The loving them, the taking care of physical needs, having fun with them- those are things I am good at. The saying no (and meaning no), the heartaches of preteendom, the trying to convince them to not kill their brother-that is what I struggle with. Sometimes Daily. I have realized that if I want to live in a somewhat peaceful home, I have to start doing a little better. Somehow. I know you will tell me to get tougher-I'm workin on it. Maybe like me , there are days that start out pretty good and then around five in the afternoon you start looking down the road for good ole Daddy to drive home. Yep. A little help would be nice.
Let me introduce the boys.
First there is Daddy Tony. My car selling. sometimes hard to communicate with husband. Seriously, Tony is a wonderful father and husband.
Then there is Zachary. He will be a teenager in the Spring. His voice has changed but he is still a sweetheart.
My middle child is Mr. Eli. He is a one of a kind high maintenance child. Big hearted and loving with a definite wild streak, he is 10.
Our baby is Logan Clyde. He are all madly in love with him. A smart, funny baby who loves being out doors. He is almost 16 months. Constantly I am kissing on this one.
I hope I haven't bored anyone. I hope to give some insight to being the only female in a house of 5. I love my life. I love my family. I just need a vacation at a luxury spa. Soon. Please.

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GodBlessYou said...

I'm happy for you and the kids that you can be home now. Hopefully we can get together sometime soon. My days are freed up again. Sue