Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rattlesnake Roundup in Whigam, GA

Zach and Eli eating (oh my) gater tail and fried snake.
Logan had chicken and Fries by the way.

Zach and Eli jousting.  They had a blast while Logan and I watched.
We had a great time.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a few random facts about me............

1. I was blessed to be born into a family that loves each other-no matter what
2. I was blessed to marry into a family that prays together and supports each other-no matter what.
3. I think we all need to hug more and let people hug us.
4. 16 years ago I married my best friend. He makes me laugh. He is the most thoughtful, intelligent and loving person on Earth.
5. I have to have a latte and /or a piece of dark chocolate EVERY week.
6. For years my dad would come to my house EVERY Thursday and spend ALL day with me and my boys. He would make lunch and I would run an errand or two. I miss him so much. He was a rock.
7. My dad taught me to "rise above it" and "lighten up". My mom taught me that if you put on a little lipstick and brush your hair-you feel better.
8. I do not like yard work-not any kind-but sometimes I plant something and watch it turn black. :)
9. I think newborn babies smell like heaven.
10. I love to cook and bake-I got addicted to Food Network during my labor with Zach which was 26 hrs. That includes 3 hours of pushing while my mom was yelling at my Doc to give me a c-section. Thanks Mom.
11.I believe there is hope for everyone. I know He loves us all. I know HE paid my debt and rescued me from death.
12. God blessed me with 3 wonderful fun-loving kids.
13. In the 4th grade I got paddled for fighting with a mean boy named Keith...
14. My 2 brothers let that mean boy know, after school, who's sister not to EVER touch again.
15. I did the "I can'tdecide what to major in" 6 year B.S. program. I still dream that I have one more test to take. I have a degree in Psychology, by the way. Nursing and Music school were not for me.
16. My mom is battling cancer right now and I am so proud of her fighting attitude. She is my hero.
17. I just joined Beth Ss SS class at FBC Beth is so cute and smart. I miss my old class-but needed a change.
18. I love how fog looks in the trees early in the morn, the way my little one looks in his PJs and he way my husband looks at me.
19. I love the smell of fresh plowed peanuts and fresh ground coffee.
20. One day I am going to Key West and do nothing for a week-or two-or three.
21. I play the guitar and sing often-mostly kid's songs. I have sang solo several times at church-very scary.:)
22. I tried selling cheese straws, pecan pie and candles-all were too much hassle.
23. I would love to have a bigger house and new furniture-but we are putting those things on hold while I take care of my baby. Logan and I are loving being together more.
24. I was very shocked to find out I was having a baby back 2 years ago. My 10 an 12 year old thought I was kidding for a month. My husband is still in shock. Logan has been pure joy.
25. I have amazing luck at meeting wonderful people and making friends with them.

This is a journey not a race.................

tell someone you love that you love them today~ don't waste a moment being mad or regretful. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Logan and Jazmine

I have always loved animals.  Just ask my mom~countless times growing up,  I would come home with a pitiful stray . Even in college I would have a bird, hamster or kitten to take care for.  Taking care of animals and people is just who I am.. Logan and Eli seem to gravitate most toward furry friends.  Zach tolerates them. besides our chocolate lab, we have a beautiful cat , Jellybean.  Jelly rewards us often with a fresh kill-bird, squirrel, mole even an occasional lizard or snake.   Jazz is almost a year and a very bouncy dog.  She really wants to be a good dog and I think she will be one day.   Logan really seems to like her and she loves him.  Especially when he shares his cookies with her.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Medication Warning!

I have noticed some drug companies charge to do patient assistance program paperwork for clients.  As a former director of a non-profit that does this service free of charge, I have a problem with this.  People that really need this service can not afford to pay for this service. Nor do they need to!
Dear friend, please be careful, some companies charge close to $100 for this service.  There are many non-profits who will do this paperwork for free.  You can also do them yourself .  If you need help, ask a nurse in your doctor's office. A minimal fee of less than $10 per Rx is understandable if you can afford that. Click on the comments for more info from my good friend Suzanne.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bathtime 4 Logan

Logan in the tub
Logan loves bath time
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Zach and Eli working together

Zach getting some help from Eli in maling film canister Rockets. You would be surprised at how high (over 15 feet) the top flies! They worked well together and had a great time watching what happens when chemicals react!
My boys love to do science experiments and usually learn something in the process.
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Logan at Grandma's

On Christmas Day, we went to my husband's mother's home around 11:00. Zach and Eli had awakened their baby brother aroung 7am so when we arrived, Logan was sound asleep. We laid him on the guest bedroom bed where he slept through lunch and into gift unrapping time! Everyone checked on him every few minutes, and we were all excitd when he finally lifted his curly little head. He was excited to see his grandparents, unlcles, aunts and all his cousins. He had a great day and was a joy to be around. He had a great time later with my side of the family-but tuckered out around 6. He managed to stay out of the pond and loved his new car!
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