Friday, July 1, 2011

Cakes and Coupons

Key Lime Sour Cream Poundcake

My first Cakes and Coupons Seminar last night went great!! In a  little over an hour, almost a dozen (including my supportive husband) coupon newbies and i discussed the hows, wheres and whys of coupons.  I am so thankful that the class will continue on-line as long as anyone needs help in a small private group on FB. The cake? It was a hit!! I love the taste of a homeade-not overly sweet, buttery sour cream pound. I also love the tart coolness of a creamy key lime pie. The two combine beautifully! I wrapped up lots of babycakes for people to take home!! We all shared a large cake and cold drinks. Call or message me if you have a some friends who would like me to bring Cakes and Coupons! to you! 8-12 people make for a good size class!

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