Monday, April 27, 2009

Stay Home Mommy

When someone asks me what I do, I tell them I stay home with my children and I'm not in the least ashamed or embarrassed. I have learned that most people who don't think much of stay-at-home moms (SAHM) don't know what's involved and how much a family benefits and appreciates what we do. My children are only young once; I can get job later. Sometimes when I tell people that I am a SAHM,they say "Oh, so you have no education?" (I have a BS degree and social work experience), or "No skills, huh?" (I used to write million-dollar grants and teach special ed). I am comfortable with my answers, but a lot of other people are not. They think my education is going to waste. I answer those people with "I'm raising my children, and teaching them. What better use of my skills?"  I do realize that this is a personal choice and everyone has to decide what is best for their family.  If you do place your child in daycare-please stop by unanounced several times before placeing your child.  And PLEASE trust your gut if something feels wrong.  If you are able to afford a nanny, or someone who only watches 1or 2 kids, that isthe way to go.  The smaller the ratio-the more one on one attention your baby will get.
I know that my baby Logan will only be little a painfully short time and I want to be the one showing him the world.  The bond we have is not for sale at any price.  So am I angry or resentful? No, just sad that some people dont realize that in a time like this-Mommy does know best.


Anonymous said...


Don't you dare EVER concern yourself with what others think on this particular subject. You are not "wasting" anything, especially not the limited time you have to be the biggest influence in the lives of three of the most important people in your world. Staying at home or working outside the home are a personal choice and should not be subject to judgement by ANYONE else. What is right for one person is not necessarily right for others and you should feel proud that you are able to make your choice and stay home with your kids. Being a wife, mother, housekeeper, accountant, and everything else that a stay-at-home mom is are the toughest, most thankless jobs on the planet with the biggest impact and reward possible.


Amy said...

Thanks Lori-you dont know what that means to me to hear that from you. Love you. It is tough for all moms to know "what to do" I went back to work for 7 months and it was terrible for me....but a very close friend of mine stayed home a year and became very isolated and depressed. In these times-money makes it much tougher to stay home and we make a ton of sacrifices-but it is worth it.

Amy said...

I just want to be appreciated and respected. I think we all deserve that.