Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No No Doggie

Poor Judgement.  Defiantly poor judgement or maybe just stupidity.  "What did you do Amy?" you may so sweetly inquire.  I will tell you.  Across the street lives a family that raises dachshunds.  Growing up we had a wonderful weenie dog named Charlie.  Charlie would not harm a fly...well.
I should have known better but I got a dog bite today.  Across the way are 6-7 cute weenies, some long hair some short, all sort of colors.  Beside their home is a neighborhood pond home to a big beautiful white duck.  Logan loves  to be pushed in his car to see the duckie( aka the quack quack). On the way to the pond we pass by the dogs in their chain fence yard.  Most of them were barking as they have barked at me many times.  I stupidly thought they were saying "hey!! It good to see ya!  Come closer!"  no.  They were not saying this at all!  They were saying "hey idiot!  Don't come close or we will bite your butt!!!"   SO here I go sticking my hand out for them to smell me.  "See doggies, Im sweet!"  Apparently sweet enough to eat!  CHOMP!  One of the dang mutts came at the back of my hand like a viper.  He didn't let go very fast and it hurt like you know what.  I went home to clean/ lick my wound.  My message is-don't trust even the cutest of dogs.  Animals can attack and they seem to especially like the flesh of stupid moms.

P.S. I went to Urgent Care and got a tetanus shot. Oh..ELi says the duck's name is Henry.


Brook said...

Amy Amy Amy. My goodness, better you than Logan is all I can say, and of course ask again,"Is the dog up to date on its rabies vaccine and are you up to date on tetanus?

God Bless You said...

Sorry to hear the dog wasn't as innocent as it looked. Hope it isn't hurting too much. Glad you got the shot. The dogs sound cute. I better not go see them.;) Hopefully the boys learned to beware of dogs today?:)

Amy said...


Amy said...

I am soooo gratful it happened to me and not my Logan BEar. Oh-it could have been MUCH worse. He didnt get upset either. I made sure not to yell or cry out so he wouldn't get scared.