Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Tale of 6 Cereals

                                                A Tale of 6 Cereals
Once upon a time there was an unaware Mama who had three growing boys who she could not fill up. She tried to feed them oatmeal. They did not eat it. Next she pushed apples and bananas; they ate but were still “hongry”. Mama then bought cereal~ lots of cereal. They liked that, but the unaware Mama spent $27 bucks on 6 boxes in only a few weeks. At $4.50 a pop-the cost of just cereal was nuts!
The broke Mama took herself to a couponing class and learned to buy cereal the smart way!!  Only one trip to buy 6 boxes saved her a WHOPPING TWENTY-ONE DOLLARS!

The cereal was on sale Buy One Get One (we are down to $2.25) and she used a Target (store) coupon for $1 off each box, (down to $1.25) and a 75cent off 3 boxes Manufacture coupon. (down to $1.00)-per box!!!
That is $6 for 6 boxes. The now AWARE and happy Mama spent the whopping $21 she saved on a new pair of shoes. Woo-Hoo!! J

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