Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MOOLALA is a great way to save lots of money!! It is very much like Groupon. you save 50- 90% off services, restaurants, concerts....and so much more! Moolala was conceived as a way to combine the hottest space on the web (Daily Deals) with the most powerful marketing force ever (word of mouth). Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional marketing and advertising, MOOLALA designed a system that rewards  users really well when they do the marketing!! Moolala offers an incredible deal from a local or online merchant every day. Each deal will save you 50-90% off retail. When you subscribe, these offers are delivered directly to your email inbox each morning. (If you prefer, you can subscribe to deals via Facebook or Twitter, and you can always see the latest deal at Moolala.com.)
If you receive an offer you like, you can purchase it easily online. The next day they send you a link to print your voucher. You then use the voucher to redeem your deal. It’s that simple!Go to~http://amywebb.moolala.com/deals/valdosta to get started!! Change location to see more deals.
Best of all, these deals are brought to you totally FREE. There’s absolutely no cost to subscribe.

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