Monday, January 4, 2010


Baby it is COLD outside! I have on my thickest socks and my feet still feel like ice cubes! Down in the deep south, we are spoiled when it comes to wintertime weather. Today is will not get above 40 according to my informed, wishes he was an employee of the weather channel, husband.:o)
Since we don't plan of leaving home on this chilly morning, maybe we will do some penguin activities. By we, I mean baby duck and myself. click HERE to see some cute ideas for penguin activities, pictures and fun facts. NOW-will somebody PLEASE close the freezer door??!?!? brrrrrr!


Nej said...

It would seem that everybody is freezing right now. We are above the negative mark today, so that's nice. When we start hitting -40 windchills, I cease to go outside. I don't mind cold, but that wind bites! :-)

Eat some ginger if you like increases internal body temperatures. (per the little ladies in Korea who told me so while I was there) :-)

Brook said...

and sprinkle some cayenne in your socks-the capsascin will warm your tootsies too!

Amy said...

brrrrr I am still cold -i can not imagine living any more far north than Macon,GA!WOW-you guys are tough!!

Amy said...

I happen to LOVE ginger-any form-but especially the candied kind.