Thursday, December 31, 2009


Baby Duck's favorite Christmas toy was his brother's pop-up book light. Then yesterday, the toy of 2009 arrived! The little tikes Endless Adventure Easy Store Jr Play Slide. Big name for what is basically a good and sturdy little slide. Perfect for toddlers. I go it from a really user friendly site for online toys. BD has been on glued to the thing since yesterday! If you have an 18 month-4 or 5 year old, you must get one. The slide is well made and can be used indoor or out. I was a tad nervous when the box said those three words parents fear "adult assembly required". It was almost funny when I discovered that meant popping one little bar into a latch. Removing the latch folds the slide for storage. BD liked the slide folded up and turned over-now the beloved slide was a boat! Not only does he like sliding and climbing on the slide, he loves when his favorite stuffed dog (bobbydog) takes a turn. It makes a cool ramp for all his cars and truck, too. All this climbing and sliding is great for his balance and coordination and is a fun way to use all that energy, so Mama is very happy. Yay for EAESJ Play Slide!


Nej said...

I want they make them in adult sizes? :-)

Amy said...

haha! Maybe!that would be fun. Us adults should play more.