Thursday, December 24, 2009

I made The Birmingham News!

In the blog world, I have met some pretty cool people. When my new friend, Christie, asked me if she could share one of my frugal posts, I was really excited! If you want to check out her helpful blog click HERE. She shared my Reindeer Food post today! She is a blogger with The Birmingham News and has many wonderful ways to help us save our money and our sanity. :o)Being a Stay-Home-Mom in this yucky economy has lead me to becoming quite fugal indeed. Couponing, watching for sales on-line and off!! All us moms need to stick together to stretch our pennies.
It is fun to make new friends and blogging has opened up doors to interesting people all over the world. If you want to try it, I promise you will enjoy it. Online journaling about the things and people you love is a wonderful stress reliever and a way to build a support system of good friends in this high tech world.


Aly said...

Hello me dear! There is meme for you over at my place
Happy Calender Change Day!

Amy said...

Thanks Aly! I just commented on your awesome new blog!! Your kids are sooo cute!!! Keep on with your breastfeeding support-you are doing a great job with that and your wonderful save the earth efforts 2!