Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mothering Advice from a Friend

Everyday we have ups and downs with our kids. Everyday I have to remind myself that the most important job I have is the job of being a mom. I want to be more patient, understanding and loving. Hopefully, my boys know that I am trying to be the best mom I can be. Some days I feel like I "blew it". The key , I think, is to keep trying each day to be the sort of nurturing mother my kids deserve. A good friend sent me this advice on mothering today. She has three boys~ranging in age from 17 to 21.

"Savor every moment, embrace their individuality and keep an open mind as they grow and experience life on their own terms! I've learned through them that struggles and independence really do make them stronger and better equipped as men! God has truly blessed me with 3 great sons but with very unique and drastically different personalities. At the core of each boy is a sweet, loving and intelligent soul. I am so thankful for each one." Thanks Dawn-I needed to hear that today.

Pray for your kids. Pray with your kids. Help them grow into independent strong people. Love them unconditionally-and let them love you. Show them in little ways you care and never give up on them or your self.

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