Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Coupons are Cool

$2 off new fruit drink!! Just click on the ad to the right that says "Fruit2Day-No Sugar Added"
It looks like a great new product. About little over a month ago I went with my BFF to a couponing class. Rebecca and I giggled in the back of the class..I left a little early and we both never thought we would do the "couponing". Well...that was then. A few days later-I thought I would put some of the tips to use and give it a go. I have been getting the hang if it-but still don't quite understand how some of my friends are saving 80-90% on their total grocery cost. Yes-I did say 80-90. On most trips to Publix I am saving about what I spend. By that I mean, for example, if I spend $50-usually I have manufacturer coupons, store coupons and get enough store specials to save about $50-sometimes a bit more or less. Watch for buy one get ones and try to find a coupon for that product is one of my favorite tips. Also-buy one product-get something else free coupons. Yesterday I got Pamper diapers-had a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon PLUS another coupon for free wipes with pampers purchase. That meant a savings of $4.50 on the diapers and $3.80 wipes for free. That all together saved me about $10.
Another great tip is get the key at Harveys...the savings key. Go on Wednesdays for some great deals. Go online to get more coupons too...they are easy to find. Harvey's always has great deals on meat. I like to re bag my meat in 1 1/2 lb freezer bags and freeze for future meals. The coupon lady taught us to stock up too. Get a few coupons for a cheap cereal. You say no storage? Get creative-stick it under the bed. Unopened-cereal lasts a long time folks . Try it-it takes a bit of thought and time-but saving money is making money. In this economy-we all need to stretch our bucks. :o)

OH-I moved the link for the fruit thing-look below-you may have to click on the arrow! Also-I was $2 off-but it changed to $1 off-WHAT??? still-looks tasty-real bits of fruit and whatnot.

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