Friday, May 8, 2009

Take a moment

Slow down and take a moment today.  I mean really slow down and really take a moment.  We live in such a "I want it now" society.  We are rushing here and there, not even noticing anything around us at times.  With 3 kids-there are days I really could use one of those clones.  "You go to the ballgame with Eli, AmyClone # 1, while I go to the band concert, OH and AmyClone#2-at the ballgame-you chase Logan around"
Yeah, its a busy life.  So, we have to make ourselves S..l..o..w....d..o..w..n. Take a few breaths and enjoy the world.  All the birds were singing this morning at my house, and as I sat down for a minute, I was reminded how wonderful life is.  So often I miss the smell of fresh cut grass or the lovely symphony the birds are serenading.  The green of the trees and grass, the feel of a cool breeze.  Take a moment-not to think, but to experience the beauty around us.  Send a thank you to the Lord for blessing us with this moment.  Just for a moment-be a human BEING-not a human doing.  


Brook said...

I love early morning revelations. Sending hugs...wishing for sunshine...I like you!

Amy said...

I wrote this right before the rat ran in and totally messed up my peaceful moment! Ahhhh!!!!