Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey Good Lookin-Whatcha got cookin?

In these frugal days, I get a kick out feeding my family filling, somewhat healthy yummy meals that are easy on the pocketbook.  One favorite is the following.  I serve it with mashed potatoes or rice and a green veggie.  Butter beans work well and are Tony's favorite-but broccoli or green beans are also good. Today I found potatoes on sale-under 3 bucks for a 5 lb bag.  I am happy cause mashed taters and gravy are one of my favorite foods.  The trick to good  mash taters is -make sure you cook long enough-bout 20 min.  add margarine or butter(bout 1/3 a stick) after draining.  Oh, when you drain-keep the potatoes in the pot-the heat will take care of any liquid.  After mashing w/ a hand mixer a few min-DONT OVER MIX-add 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup milk that has been heated  a minute in microwave.  trust me-it makes a difference.  Plus, that is what Tyler Florance once said on his fancy cookin show.  I think it was him . hummm, may have been Emeril.
thanks to Stephanie who taught me this much easier method of cooking "country steak"
If like me-you have made cubed steak by frying it a few pieces at a time then making a gravy-you be happy to get a great tasting southern dish w/ out the extra fat. popping grease and time standing at the stove.

ok-salt and pepper the steak-go easy on the salt-the gravy has a buncha sodium
flour it well.put in a baking dish 
In a small bowl, mix together a "McCormick" gravy mix-or thicken some beef broth if you don't like to use those things
Poor over the top-now you can top w/ thin sliced onions-I don't-cause my boys are picky
cover w/ tinfoil
Bake 45 mins in a 350 oven
that is it-It will make a great gravy-nice and thick from the flour on the meat.  The meat is very tender.  Hope you try!!

I got a pound of cubed steak that will fed our family for less than 4 bucks-the taters and butter beans were also on sale.  Fed a family of 5-including Logan who ate a bunch of beans for less that 3 bucks a person.  Banana nut bread for dessert that was also very cheap to make. You can feed a good meal to your family w/ out a lot of money or time at the stove. :)

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