Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keep A Sense Of Humor

When everything else fails...LAUGH. While it is easy to laugh when everything is going good, it is important to keep laughing in times of adversity. Nothing can improves improves emotional health like laughter can.  It relieves stress and helps to put things in perspective.
 When things go wrong..often life is teaching us a lesson we need to learn. Be grateful for times that you wish had not happened, for these times can help you grow into a better person.Ask yourself, "Did I actually fail. or did I have unrealistic expectations?" Try to not fall into the trap of blaming others and at the same time, try to not beat yourself up all the time.  It's okay if you fall~we all do~as long as you learn something as you get back up. Get back on your feet. Keep trying. Keep laughing. Keep living. 


Anonymous said...

good on you, a positive sense of character always helps

Amy said...

thanks tink,